3 Keys Activating Your Psychic Third Eye

3 Keys to Awakening Your Psychic Third Eye.

Where are you right now at the spectrum of Activating Your Psychic Third Eye?

Many of you have seen auras, spirit guides, and hints and wondering where do these energies are coming from. Some of you may have seen energy, but for some of you, many are still not seeing anything and getting stuck

We all wanted to seek answers to what is a blur in our vision and unexplained. Sometimes we often hear people around us never to untapped these gifts as the danger is fast approaching. Yet they never notice that beauty is far beyond what is being measured by these fear thoughts. This article will show you the 3 Keys to Activating your Psychic Third Eye in the safest way you could ever imagine.

1st Key of Activating Your Psychic Third Eye – Is to Not Thinking.

Albert Einstein’s view on the intuitive mind vs the rational mind.

Albert Einstein once quoted “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and forgotten the gift.”

With Society valuing more intellectual facets like getting a college degree and honors, we tend to forget how to think intuitively. 

What I found out is that there is more diversity of answers by using our intuition alone. Everyone should use their intuition mind as a gift rather than a legerdemain of our rational mind.

The more you keep thinking the less psychic you are going to be. To open up your third eye thinking fewer means thinking at the present moment. A lot of times the signs and messages came out of nowhere. Therefore, free up your mind. These will also feed you up to become more psychic in having your third eye activation

2nd Key to Activating Your Psychic Third Eye – Identify the fine line between seeing energy in your mind’s eye and imagination.

Identify the line between the third eye energy and your own imagination.

When accessing your third eye one of the key factors is by allowing the images to show-up

Talking about past-life reading, I remembered doing a reading to one of my psychic students. As I was allowing my self-to to see images, I saw here sitting in this old rocking chair carrying a baby inside a house made of wood and metal look. This image was out of my intentions and I keep letting the picture unfold until I have found the real message of it. Turns out as I was validating to her, she was actually pregnant. 

When reading past-life there is karma attached to every image. Completing the karma is the number one goals to avoid repeating things again.

Your intentions differ from what you are thinking based on energy, Imaginations works when you are thinking of things and conceptualizing them inside your mind intentionally. Whilst if you are seeing energy passing through your mind in a form that you never thought about it you are using your third eye as a medium of reading.

Be a neutral observer rather than imagining things to make it happen.

3rd Key to Activating Your Psychic Third Eye – Use your intuition to interpret the messages.

Learning to interpret the message of your intuition is a factor in activating your psychic third eye.

When interpreting the messages using your third eye make sure to ask this question:

Why do you think of these images?
And also, What are the karmic patterns that coincide with past life?

A picture speaks a thousand words. To see images is different from interpreting and relaying the real message behind. Once you see the images popping through your mind, then use your powerful intuition to convey the unlock patterns.

When looking to acknowledge the messages be sure to gather the information from the present environment and space you have. The more information you are able to gather from the environment, the more the intuitive, subconscious part of your brain has to work with – and the more it will inform your decisions.

For the intuitive mind to stay fresh and open to the third-eye always practice the art of mindfulness and meditation. These exercises will help you focus your thoughts based on your own experience at the present moment. Mindfulness does get rid of mental clutter as well making a way to connect your energy with your intuition.

Opening your third-eye means having psychic boundaries and being the practice of grounding as everything is about energy. For this, you will become neutral about all these things.

Where do you go from here…

After knowing the 3 Keys to Activate your Psychic Third Eye, You might start asking yourself.

Is there a guide on how to open my third-eye or do I supposed to see what is on the right track?

You are in good time, for instance, my Awaken Your Psychic 5-Day Challenge is currently catering psychic learners who are ready to untapped and go beyond the horizon of their intuition. 

In addition, learning to open your psychic third eye and teaching to protect yourself with psychic boundaries is a magical experience.

Moreover, You can also get a chance to explore, network, and make friends with fellow psychics who are willing to share their experiences and insights towards opening up their third eye. 

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Blessings to You.

Video Stamps:

4:00 – Who is Joe and what is the Psychic Awakening and Opening Your Third Eye
8:31 – The First Key to Activating Your Third-Eye – Not Thinking
13:02 – Key# 2 -There is a fine line between Seeing energy in your mind’s eye and imagination
18:50 – Key#3 – Once You see the images then use your intuition to interpret the messages.
29:27 – Summary of the 3 key and What you must do in order to maintain unlocking your psychic 6th sense.
34:36 – What’s next after opening your psychic third eye?