Reading Relationship
How to Read Relationship

In this video, we’re going to talk about relationship readings. Now I will say for me, at least this is like the number two question I get. Oh, my relationships. It just so happens for me. I get a lot of people wanting to find me for a spiritual path kind of readings. What’s my next steps.

But I know for a lot of other psychics it’s like relationships. And so here’s how to read a relationship. Basically you’ll create a Rose for person a, the person you’re actually reading. And then you have a second row show up for person B. So I don’t have.

Here you go person, a person B. And basically what you’ll do is once you form the two roses, say, Hey, person AIC, I don’t read your bud is really open person B I see. As a pink. And it looks like that person is, but is more closed than yours, right? So if you compare them side by side, so these, they just seeing them side by side gives you clues. And then B the other thing you start to look for is are the roses moving closer together or are they moving further apart is one taller than the other, one’s more below. And I remember doing the reading one time on this one girl the man that she wanted me to read his Rose was way up here.

And then her roses, like way down here and it’s like really small and. Nick’s, his Rose turned into this tree, like this big old tree overpowering her Rose. And, I was describing, I remember describing the picture to her and she started to cry. She goes, yup. That’s exactly how my relationship is.

He’s really overpowering. And basically it wasn’t a good situation for her. When I. Shared that with her, it gave her the sense of freedom and hope like, Oh my gosh, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Someone else can see it. And validated her experience. Now talking about the relationship, once you have these two roses up, right?

There’s always a person B in every single relationship. Now there’s also a third entity in every relationship and that’s the relationship itself. Okay. So what you’ll do is you’ll imagine in the middle, the two rows of that, there’s a bubble. Imagine that there’s a bubble and between both of these roses, Kat, and what you’ll do is you invite some, a person AEs energy into the bubble.

Some, a person B’s energy until the bubble. Okay. And what that will do is I’ll give you a clue. So there you are in meditation, just looking at the bubble now, seeing. How some, a person, his energy went into the bubble, how some, a person B’s energy went in and then as you’re doing the reading, you might be like, Oh, I see more of your energy in the bubble.

Then the other person’s energy, it looks like you’re using Margaret energy in this relationship, then that other person. So again, picture just gives you the clue and you trust your intuition to give you the interpretation or the message behind it. All right. And you notice how I’m always just I’m like reporting.

I’m like a reporter, right? I’m just reporting. Yeah. Oh, I see a red Rose. Oh, I see. I think Rose red is open. The pink is not, they’re moving further apart. This bubble, it looks like there’s more of your energy in there. The more of your color in there than day, the other person. And so you notice just from hearing that right.

How the saying a picture paints, a thousand words. Does that make sense? So always report the picture, be that reporter and then give your interpretation of it. Okay. So always start with a picture. What do you see then give your interpretation. Sometimes it’s easy to be like, Oh, I see you all moving apart.

Versus I saw your rows and I saw his rows there. They started off like really close together, like an inch or two apart and slowly but surely they’re moving apart. So you see how that’s different, always paint the picture. Okay. So anyway, that’s relationship readings, and the next video, I’m going to lead you through a meditation on how to do a relationship reading.

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Feeling Other People's Emotion.
Feeling Other People's Emotion.
Discover the real reason why of feeling other people’s emotion.

The difference between an Empath and a Clairesentience is that. Empaths aren’t always clear. And the reason why I am because empaths tend to absorb a lot of other people’s energies. When you’re trying to read by feeling energy, often it’s hard to distinguish, It could be someone else’s energy or a combination of 30 other people’s energy in your space?

For Clairsentience, they can read by feeling, but they don’t. They’re really good about clearing a lot of energies out of their space. It takes a whole other level of seniority to read that way.

Part of my Awaken Your Psychic Gifts 7-Day Challenge is learning to absorb everyone else’s energies, which by the way that’s more reading out of your second chakra, which is by your belly button. One of the things I teach on day four of my seven-day challenge is to tap into your third eye which then leads you to get the ways where you can move out of your second chakra and move into your chakra mode to read by seeing energy versus dealing energy.

The other thing about reading with your second chakra, six chakras is that there are some vibrations frequencies that you, your physical body can’t feel.

And what I mean by that there are other spiritual energies. That you necessarily can’t feel with the human body. Because the human body only vibrates to a certain level, So there’s like a frequency of what of energy. The physical body could say only feel up to here, but then there’s all this other energy, that you can’t necessarily feel.

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Numbers Meaning
What do the numbers mean? (333, 11:11 , 777)

Do you keep seeing the number three every day? What could that mean?

Quick story and if you’ve been on my broadcast before you probably heard this story many times, so just listen again. When I was younger, Lights use to turn off streetlights in particular.

And it didn’t matter where I was in the world, it could be here in the San Francisco Bay area where I’m located when I was stationed in North Carolina. I was stationed in Capitol, June station, and Naples Italy, even for two years. And there are certain streetlights. I walk under the street lights and every time the streetlight would turn off right.

And I’d asked my friends. I’m like, “Does that light turn off for you?” They’re like, “No, what are you talking about?” And every time the streetlight would turn off, I’d just stop. And I’d be like, “I think that’s my grandmother trying to communicate with me.” But then I brushed it off. I’

It wasn’t until later in life, when I, started to learn how to hone my gifts. Cause I was very open as a child that I was. Very, to open, I could feel everything. It was just too much. But it wasn’t a ton to learn how to home, learn the tools that I teach in my book.

And then the seven-day challenge that I finally got quiet one day and, it was like, okay, that’s my grandmother. And then I asked, what does that mean? “What is, what’s your message, grandma.” And her message to me was, “Oh, I just want to let you know, I was watching over you.” And as soon as that message was delivered, streetlights don’t turn off for me anymore. They just don’t. I don’t get the ringing in the ears anymore. Either. I used to get ringing in the ears all the freaking time. It’s so annoying. And it’s because the spirit was trying to get in contact or something. But I don’t get that anymore. And the reason why is because I paid attention, I stopped. Got the meaning. And you could tell when you get the meaning because you, your body will be like, yeah, that’s it. That’s the truth. I just know it. I feel it in my bones.

That was my long roundabout answer for seeing numbers, especially when you get it every day and it repeats all the time.

What it means is that somewhere in spirit, is trying to get your attention. That there’s a message for you.

I advise it is for everyone, and many awakening psychics, this is like one of the signs that. No you’re definitely more sensitive than the average person.

Cause most people brush it off as coincidence. It’s important to pause, get silent, and go to the first thing that comes to you. And for me, it was always like that my grandmother is that my grandmother. Okay. And then when I finally got the message, as I said, I don’t get street lights that turn off for me anymore.

Always go with the first thing. Before you second guess what is the first thing in your intuition that comes to, and that’s the answer.

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Constant Ringing in the Ears Meaning
How to explain the constant rigning in your ears when doing psychic energy.

Do you keep getting constant ringing in the ears when you read or hear something that pertains to anything psychic or spiritual?
Yeah. You know, on day one of my Awaken Your Psychic Gifts 7-Days Challenge, I have something called the awaken your psychic gifts in seven days challenge. And one thing I teach on day one of the Challenge – is to honor your body first.

And the reason why I teach that first is that when you do encounter any kind of energy, right? Whether it’s heated, right heat from my lamp or something, or. Psychic energy, right? Often your body will react no matter what kind of energy it is. Right. In case when you get these tingles when you read or hear something that pertains to anything psychic or spiritual often what I find is, you know, the spirit has a funny way of trying to get your attention.

So if you’re there reading or listening to something about something psychic or spiritual, You know, in a way it’s like that little, second window or psychic doorway, right. If you want to picture it that way is opening up. Spirit just has a funny way of trying to get your attention anyway. And let me know if this is you, anyone that’s listening, like you might get ringing in the years, go ahead and type in ringing in the ears, or you see signs act three, three, three, seven, seven, seven, right.

Or 11, 11. That’s very common. I hear that a lot. Or dream that go in and type in dreams. If that’s you, you got premonitions and your dreams. Do you know what I called when you get these tingles, you know what I call that? I call that validation. Okay. It’s just validating that spirit.

When I use the word spirit, that’s my catch-all term, right? For like spirit guides, the universe source. It’s just validation that, you know, the spirit is real. Okay. So what I advise is when that happens again, right. You can start asking like, Hey, what does that mean?

Right. Just really silently to yourself, like telepathically, and then get quiet for a moment. Right. And then go with the first thing that comes to your intuition. So like I’m getting, I’m reading this thing, we’re getting the tingle leaping again. And then you might say to yourself, huh? That’s my spirit guide.

Right. Or some, some thought that comes out of nowhere. Right. And usually, you know, that’s it because the thought will come out of nowhere and that’s a challenge for many people awakening their psychic gifts. You’re like, am I making that up? Or is that really a message from spirit? Right? So, you know, go with the first thing.

And this is for everyone, always, always, always go with the first thing that comes to. Cause what we ended up doing is why second guests, everything. We always try to question everything. But you know, I’ve, I’ve had teachers say to me that when you are really true to the spirit and that’s what this work is all about, right?

When you’re a psychic and healer and energy worker, right? It’s all about being true to the spirit. All right. So I always go with the first thing. And tell me if you agree with this. I, I believe there are no coincidences in the universe, right?

But there’s something about tonight. Might not know what exactly it is, but you just honor it.

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How to Distinguish Energy if You're an Overwhelmed Empath
Distinguish Psychic Energies

When empathic feeling when, when empathic feelings, how can you tell whose feelings you are feeling? Yeah. You know, that’s a great question and that’s all part of the practice and that’s why I even distinguish it in the first place. On the second day of my seven-day challenge, I, I distinguish, is it your energy or is it not your energy?

And the reason why I distinguish it is because at first it just feels like one big old blob. Right. It’s like, Oh, I just thought it was just me. Right. But the practice is when you can get more familiar with your own energy. Right. What really is truly your own authentic energy then when it’s not your energy, you’re like, Oh wait.

Okay. That’s just not my energy. Because I know what my energy is and a good clue to know it’s actually your energy is it feels good. Okay. Simply put, it feels good when it’s your energy. It feels good. Okay. Whereas when it’s not your energy, right. Then if it’s like putting the wrong gasoline in your car, if you’re supposed to have super unleaded and you put diesel in your car, how’s that going to feel?

Right. So it’s the same thing. So the practice, the more you practice getting to know your own energy. Then when other foreign energies come your way, you’re like, Oh wait, that’s not my energy. Cause it doesn’t, it doesn’t feel good that that’s definitely not my energy.

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3 Tips to Being More Motivated to Meditate

Want to meditate more so you can tap into your psychic gifts?

You might want to feel you’re breathing again by meditating but you feel tired and immobilize on getting it done. Some of us may feel like doing nothing and instead of working with a Pre-planned task. Later instead, start to watch our favorite Netflix Shows.

In times like this, how do you handle days when you don’t feel motivated? In the following sections, you will learn my  3 tips to get motivated to meditate. It will show you how it helps me make the most of my everyday psychic gifts development.

1.Understanding the 80/20 rule when it comes to meditating and your psychic gifts

Understanding the 80/20 Rule.

The 80/20 rule or the Pareto principle was a method wherein the rule of thumb is that 80 percent results of any part of our lives are an average to 20 percent of which is accountable for it. (Well this is how the broadest term means.)

Often your moods are gonna feel average. 80 percent of which most of the time you will feel good and feel like nothing to do for the rest of the day. While the remaining 20 percent of your time this is where you have to view yourself accountable. 

In this 20 percent – 10 percent of the top of it you will feel ecstatic, feeling like on top of the world where almost all dopamine hormones are releasing to your body, while the bottom 10 percent is when you feel crappy and worthless not knowing what to do. and for this remaining bottom brings us to the 2nd tip;

2. Identifying the Below 20 percent to create a relevant plan of action.

Creating a Psychic Development Plan.

Whether 10 percent optimize to or 10 percent crappy and boredom always plan for what is coming. The key reasoning is to be liable for every action. When you make the plan during this 20%f of your mood you are giving yourself a reflection to do it now because the rest 80 percent of your decision making (mood)  will be a rip-off average. 

For example, when planning to meditate on your psychic gifts your first step is to set the exact time and the right environment to practice it. Setting up the environment and the time is already 20 percent of your plan since these factors can be an accountable value to the average which is meditation (80 percent).

3. Work with Your Psychic Gifts at the bare minimum.

Making the Psychic Journey into Action
Start your Psychic Journey by doing it on-hand.

Everyone talks about how to make their goals when it comes to meditating and awakening their psychic gifts – but no one talks about how to carry them out especially when you are not at your best. 

Now that you have found out what matters most and how to plan it. The next step is to take action into it. If you will wait for a better tomorrow to do it, you will have the same day as an average day. Rather than waiting for that imaginary day to come-around. Take a small step or bare minimum every single day to achieve your plans. By doing so, you will never feel bad about that then one whole day not doing anything. 

Being committed to a goal even at a small bare minimum will even give you a sense of higher motivation. This time you have an option to do the extra and follow-up with a task which will lead to better psychic development. 

The key is to commit doing one thing, every single day. 

What if you can commit to doing the following: 

  • meditate for 10 minutes
  • fill-in with the gold sun every single day
  • exploding your rose aura

Would that sense a higher purpose for your awakening journey?

Literally act on it each day. Your life will transform because you took consistent action and not idealizing the version of your time.

Managing your time when developing your psychic gifts is a major factor to keep consistent with your psychic meditation. Engaging yourself everyday to follow meditation is more achievable by following a course you can go along every day. Now is the time to put it on action and start doing, head forward by doing the 5-Day Awakening Challenge – a highly suggested course that will help you discover your gifts in the safest way.

Learn more about the 5-Day Awaken Challenge.

Awaken Psychic Gifts 5-Day Challenge with Joe Gacoscos

Video Timestamps

0:54 Introduction
1:50 Psychic Gifts Awakening: 3 Tips to Being More Motivated to Meditate
2:18 Tip #1 – Understanding the 80/20 rule for psychic development
4:32 Tip #2 -Identifying the Below 20 percent to create a relevant plan of action.
7:20 Tip #3 – Work with Your Psychic Gifts at the bare minimum.
12:45 Carrying out the Psychic Goals to get things done.
17:10 Conclusion: What can you commit each day for your psychic development journey?