Psychic Gifts Awakening: 3 Tips to Being More Motivated to Meditate

By Joe Gacoscos | July 4, 2020
3 Tips to Being More Motivated to Meditate

Want to meditate more so you can tap into your psychic gifts? You might want to feel you’re breathing again by meditating but you feel tired and immobilize on getting it done. Some of us may feel like doing nothing and instead of working with a Pre-planned task. Later instead, start to watch our favorite Netflix Shows. In times like this, how do you handle days when you don’t feel motivated? In the following sections, you will learn my  3 tips to get motivated to meditate. It will show you how it helps me make the most of my everyday…

What’s the Difference between Clairvoyance and Mediumship?

By Joe Gacoscos | June 11, 2020

The difference between Clairvoyance and Mediumship? Quick definitions: Clairvoyance=seeing energy with third eye. Mediumship=experiencing/channeling energy with the body One not better than the other. Just different ways to work w/ Energy Get foundational psychic tools here no matter which route you take! Follow me on Twitter:

Three Keys to Awakening Your Psychic Third Eye Chakra | Clairvoyant Training

By Joe Gacoscos | May 27, 2020
opening the third eye clairvoyant training

“THE 3 KEYS TO AWAKENING THE PSYCHIC 3RD EYE” Are you interested in awakening your psychic abilities? Do you feel like you you are highly sensitive and need help controlling your gifts? Wondering if anyone can awaken their intuition? This video is a replay of a live broadcast I provided in my Psychic Awakening Facebook Group. We had an awesome broadcast. Lots of great information shared. Great feedback. I provided information on the upcoming Elevate Your Psychic Gifts – Clairvoyant Training program. Check out the hour long broadcast along with the timestamps here: 0:00 Intros 2:48 Agenda 5:36 The #1…

Are Your Chakras Blocked? Psychic Healing Training Online to Unblock Your Chakras

By Joe Gacoscos | May 26, 2020
unblock your psychic gifts with chakra healing

Are Your Chakras Blocked? 3 Steps to Unblock Your Chakras to Access Psychic Gifts | Training Krystie, member of the Awaken Your Psychic Gifts in 7 Days Challenge, asked the following question: I have a hard time with visualizing some days. Could that be due to my blocked chakras? This is a great question about awakening your psychic gifts and is a question I get often. Watch the video above for insights and to learn more about the 3 steps to unblocking your psychic gifts. 0:14 Question about blocked chakras and accessing psychic gifts 0:35 Joe’s introduction to his psychic…

Psychic Training Classes Online Free

By Joe Gacoscos | May 25, 2020
psychic training classes online free chakras

Psychic Training Classes Online Free – Overcoming Roadblocks Most Awakening Psychics Face Awakening your psychic gifts can be extremely challenging. Those who choose to go down this path are bound to hit some energy roadblocks along the way. In this post, I’m going to share the 3 typical energy roadblocks most awakening psychics face and how to overcome them. Psychic Roadblock #1: Psychic Channels are TOO Open When opening up your psychic gifts, you open up to a whole other world of psychic phenomena. To help you understand what this is like, I like to use the analogy of a…

Psychic Development to Train Your Psychic Abilities

By Joe Gacoscos | May 24, 2020
psychic development third eye

Searching for psychic development training online to train your psychic abilities? There are many awakening psychics on the planet right now. They’re like eggs with little chicks, trembling within, and waiting to hatch at any moment. Once people do take that brave step to then develop their gifts, they tend to go down one of three paths. Learn the critical 3 paths to psychic development most people take. 3 paths to hone and develop your psychic gifts: As I describe each of these paths, you may identify with one or more. See which one you resonate with most. 1) Self…

Guided Meditation for Opening and Awakening the Psychic Third Eye Chakra

By Joe Gacoscos | May 23, 2020
opening the psychic third eye chakra photo

Watch this guided meditation for opening the third eye. Be sure to find a nice quiet space where you can follow along with my voice. When you’re done, learn more about how to open your psychic third eye below.   Ready to tap into your third eye even more for greater insights? Learn more

How do I Clear My Karmic Debt? | Past Lives | Psychic Training

By Joe Gacoscos | May 22, 2020

The lesson of karma and clearing karmic debt I received this great question from a member of the Awaken Your Psychic Gifts 7-Day Challenge today: “How do I clear my karmic debt?” Great question! First of all, there are many ways to look at this question and different aspects to karma: Ancestral karmic debt Karmic debt in relationships Karmic debt to parents Karmic connections with pets Healing karma from past lives What does karma mean? A simple definition: When you search for the definition or research various books on karma, there are a TON of ways to define karma. I…

Psychic Development Book by Joe Gacoscos

By Joe Gacoscos | May 18, 2020
Journey of the Awakened Psychic Development book

Journey of the Awakened Psychic by award winning author Joe Gacoscos – best psychic development book to help you hone your gifts so you can use your gifts to help heal others. Learn how you can download your very own copy of this book on psychic abilities today.

What’s My Psychic Super Power? How to Identify Your Psychic Gift

By Joe Gacoscos | January 2, 2020 Hi everyone! Joe here, award winning author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic, and I help people reach their highest psychic potential. I wanted to answer this question from new member Kevin Reid. Kevin asks, “I’m trying to figure out what my psychic superpowers are.” Hey Kevin, welcome to the group and thanks for posting your question. When I have people join the group, I ask them to introduce themselves and what your psychic super powers are. While some people are pretty clear…They say I get downloads from spirit I’m more of a knower I’m more of an empath…