Feeling Disconnected From Your Gifts?

Hi there!

  • Are you exploring awakening your psychic gifts?
  • Feeling like your psychic experiences are random at best?
  • Or are you confused and overwhelmed by the Spirit messages, signs or premonitions you receive?

When first awakening your gifts, it can feel magical or wonderous.

However, as you open up more and more, ALL this energy can come at you.

You get messages from spirit, you see signs like 333, 444, or you get these premonitions about the future that somehow come true.

It'll feel like it's coming to you all at once. At this stage, it feels like you're drinking through a fire hydrant!

It gets overwhelming.

By this point, you feel like, wow, I need to learn to control my abilities. I need to somehow learn to hone my gifts.

When many students who first come through my 'Unlock Your 6th Sense Breakthrough Challenge' or any of my other programs, this is the stage they're at.

At this stage, it feels like there so much more beyond this stage. There are higher realms of spirit to tap into.

I know for myself, when I started this work, I NEEDED to figure this out! I NEEDED to know what was next! Where can I turn to?

And yet, it all still felt out of reach.

If this is you, just know you're not the only one who feels this way. There are many out there who are like you.

I'd love to know more about where you're at? What are some of your challenges? What do YOU really need to figure out?

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Overcoming Energy Overwhelm On Your Awakening Journey

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👉Are you feeling more and more overwhelmed as your abilities access more “out there” information?
👉Feeling unsure like you’re full of everyone else’s energy but your own?

Often on the awakening journey, energy ⚡ can come at you so quickly, especially in the beginning.

It’s like Spirit 👻 sees an opening and then wants so desperately to be acknowledged or said “hello” to.

And once this Spiritual doorway 🚪 is open, it’s like the floodgates open up!

✨On top of this, if you’re an Empath or a Highly Sensitive individual, it can feel a 100 times worse!

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