Chakras – The Spiritual Windows to Your Soul


I want to share a quick story on how I included the chapter on Chakras in my book, "Journey of the Awakened Psychic: The 10 Step Guide for Unlocking Your 6th Sense."

A few years ago, I taught an 8 week workshop on "Chakra Awakening".

If you're not familiar with Chakras, I define them simply as energy centers of the body. There are 7 main chakras starting with the base all the way up to the crown (top of your head).

After teaching this workshop, I actually EXPANDED on this definition. I'll explain why in just a moment...

But first with the workshop. Each week, I'd take each student through each on of the chakras.

We'd go through what the purpose of each chakra was all about. Then we'd do energy work to clear any blocks to accessing each chakras full capacity.

What was amazing - and UNEXPECTED - was each week, before we'd come back and work on the next chakra, the students were saying,

"I don't know why, but I just feel more PSYCHIC after clearing these chakras"

I paused a moment to consider why this was...

I looked at the whole situation clairvoyantly. Here's the energy I saw -- and this is where my definition of what a Chakra is expanded. What I saw was this:

Not only are chakras energy centers... They are also what I call "windows" to the soul. They are like bridges from the physical to the spiritual realms.

And because we were cleaning the chakras -- these windows -- out every week, it was as if we were making way for a clearer pathway to Spirit.

In summary - I wasn't aiming for that Chakra Awakening workshop to be all about "How to Be More Psychic".

And yet, that's what ended up happening!

Gotta say, it was a "Happy Accident" to discover this! This is why I included this in my book, Journey of the Awakened Psychic.

Now, you might be wondering, how do I clean out my chakras? How do I access the windows to the soul? How can I awaken my gifts in this way?

If you didn't catch the announcement in a previous email, I'm going to be launching my "Unlock Your 6th Sense Breakthrough Challenge" coming up in early August.

In this workshop, I'll be teaching all the foundational tools so you learn the energy work not only to clean out your chakras, but to also provide you the basics around psychic protection.

Before I launch that, however, I'd love to make sure it will be the best it could be!

Let me ask you, what are your TOP TWO QUESTIONS around waking up and honing your psychic gifts?

Can you do me a favor? Go ahead and let me know on this form here:

On that page, you'll learn more details and how to get on the early RSVP list as well if you're interested.

Thanks in advance!

Lastly - have you gotten to the Chakras chapter of my book yet? Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to PM me directly.



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