How to explain the constant rigning in your ears when doing psychic energy.

Do you keep getting constant ringing in the ears when you read or hear something that pertains to anything psychic or spiritual?
Yeah. You know, on day one of my Awaken Your Psychic Gifts 7-Days Challenge, I have something called the awaken your psychic gifts in seven days challenge. And one thing I teach on day one of the Challenge – is to honor your body first.

And the reason why I teach that first is that when you do encounter any kind of energy, right? Whether it’s heated, right heat from my lamp or something, or. Psychic energy, right? Often your body will react no matter what kind of energy it is. Right. In case when you get these tingles when you read or hear something that pertains to anything psychic or spiritual often what I find is, you know, the spirit has a funny way of trying to get your attention.

So if you’re there reading or listening to something about something psychic or spiritual, You know, in a way it’s like that little, second window or psychic doorway, right. If you want to picture it that way is opening up. Spirit just has a funny way of trying to get your attention anyway. And let me know if this is you, anyone that’s listening, like you might get ringing in the years, go ahead and type in ringing in the ears, or you see signs act three, three, three, seven, seven, seven, right.

Or 11, 11. That’s very common. I hear that a lot. Or dream that go in and type in dreams. If that’s you, you got premonitions and your dreams. Do you know what I called when you get these tingles, you know what I call that? I call that validation. Okay. It’s just validating that spirit.

When I use the word spirit, that’s my catch-all term, right? For like spirit guides, the universe source. It’s just validation that, you know, the spirit is real. Okay. So what I advise is when that happens again, right. You can start asking like, Hey, what does that mean?

Right. Just really silently to yourself, like telepathically, and then get quiet for a moment. Right. And then go with the first thing that comes to your intuition. So like I’m getting, I’m reading this thing, we’re getting the tingle leaping again. And then you might say to yourself, huh? That’s my spirit guide.

Right. Or some, some thought that comes out of nowhere. Right. And usually, you know, that’s it because the thought will come out of nowhere and that’s a challenge for many people awakening their psychic gifts. You’re like, am I making that up? Or is that really a message from spirit? Right? So, you know, go with the first thing.

And this is for everyone, always, always, always go with the first thing that comes to. Cause what we ended up doing is why second guests, everything. We always try to question everything. But you know, I’ve, I’ve had teachers say to me that when you are really true to the spirit and that’s what this work is all about, right?

When you’re a psychic and healer and energy worker, right? It’s all about being true to the spirit. All right. So I always go with the first thing. And tell me if you agree with this. I, I believe there are no coincidences in the universe, right?

But there’s something about tonight. Might not know what exactly it is, but you just honor it.

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