Feeling Other People's Emotion.
Discover the real reason why of feeling other people’s emotion.

The difference between an Empath and a Clairesentience is that. Empaths aren’t always clear. And the reason why I am because empaths tend to absorb a lot of other people’s energies. When you’re trying to read by feeling energy, often it’s hard to distinguish, It could be someone else’s energy or a combination of 30 other people’s energy in your space?

For Clairsentience, they can read by feeling, but they don’t. They’re really good about clearing a lot of energies out of their space. It takes a whole other level of seniority to read that way.

Part of my Awaken Your Psychic Gifts 7-Day Challenge is learning to absorb everyone else’s energies, which by the way that’s more reading out of your second chakra, which is by your belly button. One of the things I teach on day four of my seven-day challenge is to tap into your third eye which then leads you to get the ways where you can move out of your second chakra and move into your chakra mode to read by seeing energy versus dealing energy.

The other thing about reading with your second chakra, six chakras is that there are some vibrations frequencies that you, your physical body can’t feel.

And what I mean by that there are other spiritual energies. That you necessarily can’t feel with the human body. Because the human body only vibrates to a certain level, So there’s like a frequency of what of energy. The physical body could say only feel up to here, but then there’s all this other energy, that you can’t necessarily feel.

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