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"Joe is an exceptional teacher and healer. I have taken several of his classes and also received a comprehensive reading + healing from him. He always brings some practical technique, helpful analogy, or valuable perspective into his classes." ~Kristyn C. - Intuitive Business Consultant

"I have had the privilege to attend a couple of master classes that Joe offered in his group. He has been such a great help to me in my spiritual awakening. He has played a part in helping me me embrace my gifts." ~Alisha T. - Professional Reader

"Joe, is the best! I have taking several classes that he has taught. All of the classes I have attended have helped in a lot in different areas of my life. Joe is very experienced, knowledgeable, personable. I highly recommend for any of his services that he offers." ~Vanessa R. - Professional Consultant

"I took a intuition class with Joe and it helped me reach the next level, I learned a lot of tools that I use in daily life and in my Holistic Healing Center." ~Ivan M. - Energy Healer

"I met Joe for the first time at intuitive Insights where he teaches Clairvoyant training and other spiritual development classes. i don't know exactly what I was expecting from my reading (now readings) but it exceeded anything I could have come up with." ~Ariane P. - Entrepreneur