How to Read Relationship

In this video, we’re going to talk about relationship readings. Now I will say for me, at least this is like the number two question I get. Oh, my relationships. It just so happens for me. I get a lot of people wanting to find me for a spiritual path kind of readings. What’s my next steps.

But I know for a lot of other psychics it’s like relationships. And so here’s how to read a relationship. Basically you’ll create a Rose for person a, the person you’re actually reading. And then you have a second row show up for person B. So I don’t have.

Here you go person, a person B. And basically what you’ll do is once you form the two roses, say, Hey, person AIC, I don’t read your bud is really open person B I see. As a pink. And it looks like that person is, but is more closed than yours, right? So if you compare them side by side, so these, they just seeing them side by side gives you clues. And then B the other thing you start to look for is are the roses moving closer together or are they moving further apart is one taller than the other, one’s more below. And I remember doing the reading one time on this one girl the man that she wanted me to read his Rose was way up here.

And then her roses, like way down here and it’s like really small and. Nick’s, his Rose turned into this tree, like this big old tree overpowering her Rose. And, I was describing, I remember describing the picture to her and she started to cry. She goes, yup. That’s exactly how my relationship is.

He’s really overpowering. And basically it wasn’t a good situation for her. When I. Shared that with her, it gave her the sense of freedom and hope like, Oh my gosh, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Someone else can see it. And validated her experience. Now talking about the relationship, once you have these two roses up, right?

There’s always a person B in every single relationship. Now there’s also a third entity in every relationship and that’s the relationship itself. Okay. So what you’ll do is you’ll imagine in the middle, the two rows of that, there’s a bubble. Imagine that there’s a bubble and between both of these roses, Kat, and what you’ll do is you invite some, a person AEs energy into the bubble.

Some, a person B’s energy until the bubble. Okay. And what that will do is I’ll give you a clue. So there you are in meditation, just looking at the bubble now, seeing. How some, a person, his energy went into the bubble, how some, a person B’s energy went in and then as you’re doing the reading, you might be like, Oh, I see more of your energy in the bubble.

Then the other person’s energy, it looks like you’re using Margaret energy in this relationship, then that other person. So again, picture just gives you the clue and you trust your intuition to give you the interpretation or the message behind it. All right. And you notice how I’m always just I’m like reporting.

I’m like a reporter, right? I’m just reporting. Yeah. Oh, I see a red Rose. Oh, I see. I think Rose red is open. The pink is not, they’re moving further apart. This bubble, it looks like there’s more of your energy in there. The more of your color in there than day, the other person. And so you notice just from hearing that right.

How the saying a picture paints, a thousand words. Does that make sense? So always report the picture, be that reporter and then give your interpretation of it. Okay. So always start with a picture. What do you see then give your interpretation. Sometimes it’s easy to be like, Oh, I see you all moving apart.

Versus I saw your rows and I saw his rows there. They started off like really close together, like an inch or two apart and slowly but surely they’re moving apart. So you see how that’s different, always paint the picture. Okay. So anyway, that’s relationship readings, and the next video, I’m going to lead you through a meditation on how to do a relationship reading.

So think of relationship you want to look at next and read the following blog post here.