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Are you searching for reliable psychic training classes online?

I want to share with you the 3 steps to finding the best online psychic training and how you can secure your spot for my next awaken your psychic gifts in 7 days challenge.

Hi Joe Gacoscos, award winning author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic: The 10 Step Guide to Awakening Your Psychic Gifts. I help people hone their psychic, healing and intuitive gifts so that they can use their gifts to help heal themselves and help heal others.

Journey of the Awakened Psychic Development book

If you're an awakening psychic, then likely you've already been searching the internet. You're watching a bunch of youtube videos. You probably have bought a bunch of books like my book, Journey of the Awakened Psychic.

After teaching 1000's of students and readers now, I know many of you are searching for much much more...

  • You want to go beyond just reading about how to control your psychic abilities.
  • You actually want to take your gifts to the next level.
  • You're searching for a psychic teacher or mentor to help you with your next steps on your psychic awakening journey

Here are the 3 Steps to Finding the Best Psychic Development Training Online

Step 1: Make sure your psychic development training teacher is credible

The first step to finding the best psychic development training online for you is this: I recommend making sure to check out who's actually teaching… Do they teach professionally?

  • Have they written a book on psychic abilities?
  • How are their student reviews?
  • Are they actually out practicing in the field still?

Remember it's one thing teach. But are they still practicing what they preach?

There are many on YouTube that talk a big game. But when you look on their Amazon, Facebook or Yelp review pages...



No reviews to speak of.

So first step - Check them out!

If they have free psychic training to check out for yourself, even better. There are way too many supposed influencers out there who talk a big game but have nothing to show for it unfortunately.

So Step 1 - Be sure to check that psychic teacher out.

Step 2: Don't believe everything on training psychic abilities online

On YouTube for example, when it comes to clairvoyant training or opening the third eye, there are a ton of videos out there about the dangers of awakening the third eye.

Awaken The Psychic Third Eye

Well, there's nothing dangerous per se. When it comes to awakening your psychic gifts and opening your third eye chakra, what you need are psychic tools, learning proper psychic protection and psychic boundaries.

Then once you have that, then opening your third eye actually isn't dangerous at all. If anything, it opens you up to a whole new world of psychic awareness.

  • You learn higher truths about yourself.
  • You can read energy.
  • Provide energy healings to others.
  • Contact your spirit guides more effectively

...just to name a few.

So the second step to finding free psychic training courses online is to watch out for anything out there that's essentially click bait.

Don't buy into that fear mongering. Don't let your fears limit you!

Instead, realize that waking up to your abilities is actually quite magical. That, is when you have easy to follow, and step by step guidance.

So that's step 2.

Step 3: Take ACTION when you do find that psychic training online that you resonate with!

Take action - the time is now!

This is the most important step.

Once you find a reliable psychic teacher and psychic training course, I highly encourage you to do this: TAKE ACTION.

  • It's one thing to learn how to open the third eye. However, it's a whole other thing to actually follow tools and training for actually opening the third eye, right?
  • It's the difference between reading how to ride a bike, and actually getting on a bike and going out for a ride. It's one thing to plan on working out and exercise…It's a whole other thing to actually drive to the gym or actually get on that treadmill and start exercising.
  • Said another way… Let's say you're having health issues and your doctor says, hey, you need to start eating better. You say, okay, okay Doc. But then you go home and you continue eating junk or you do nothing at all to even try and change.

Likewise, when you find a credible psychic teacher, a psychic training program that sounds really interesting to you that can actually help you in a step by step way for training your psychic abilities…then actually go for it!

Don't just sit around. Follow your intuition! Whether it's for one of my programs or someone else's programs. Sign up! Take action.

It's like get off the couch and start actually taking those steps towards your dreams instead of just sitting there still just dreaming!

So that's Step 3: When you find something that calls to you. Take action. Because when you don't, then literally the moment can just pass you by and then you know how that goes…

To summarize:

  1. Step 1: Find out if the psychic teacher providing the online psychic training is credible. Check out their reviews. And see if there is at least some free psychic training you can check out before fully investing into the program.
  2. Step 2: Don't believe everything online when it comes to training psychic abilities like the dangers of opening your clairvoyant third eye. Don't let fear limit you. Overcome your fears.
  3. Step 3: Take action! When you do find something credible and trust-worthy, if there's at least some free training or even a free meditation you can try out, then TAKE ACTION. Don't just sit on the sidelines dreaming. Actually pursue your dreams! You can do this!

Now, you might be wondering what I have to offer. Well - you might be asking…

  • Do I have a free psychic training program available that you can try out? Yes.
  • Do I have 5 star Amazon, Facebook and Yelp reviews? Yes.
  • And do I have positive student testimonials? Of course.

If you are interested in a free online psychic training, I have what's called the "Awaken Your Psychic Gifts in 7-Days Mini Challenge". In 5 days, you learn everything from grounding, to expanding your energy awareness, to psychic boundaries and psychic protection, to awakening your third eye, to reading energy.


Awaken Your Psychic Gifts in 7 days!

And in this truly unique experience, you learn one new tool per day in an easy to follow, yet proven, step by step formula used by 1000's of students are readers of my award winning book.

Then once you make through the challenge, you get to know me, my teaching style, and actually get direct experience with awakening your gifts, then at that point, you can find out all about my more comprehensive programs where you learn to read things like past lives, heal your chakras, contact your spirit guides, and learn how to heal other people - just to name a few!

That said, I hope you enjoyed this informative article on the 3 steps to finding the best online psychic training. I encourage you to take action. Don't wait. Don't just sit on the sidelines hoping for your psychic gifts to magically open up. Don't be that person...

Instead, actually take that brave yet simple step to click on the link below.

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