Communicating with Beings: Clairvoyance vs Mediumship – What’s the Difference?

What's the difference between clairvoyance and mediumship when it comes to communicating with beings, entities and spirit guides?

When it comes to dealing with beings, I get asked this question a lot from my students and those in my Psychic Awakening Facebook groups.

To answer this question, first I'm going to give a quick definition of each. More in-depth explanations are found in my psychic training book, "Journey of the Awakened Psychic."

Then, I will give the advantages and disadvantages of each...

What is clairvoyance?

When you break down the word, "clairvoyance", it's broken down into two parts: "Clair" means "clear". "Voyance" stands for "seeing". In other words, "clear seeing".

What this means is when it comes to energy and communicating with beings, you can "see" the energy of these beings when opening your third eye.

When it comes to clairvoyance, the images you see will often be colors, shapes, symbols, silhouettes, the outlines of a being. When it comes to seeing angels, for example, many will literally see the angel's wings or the halo of an angel.

What's the advantage of tapping into your 3rd eye clairvoyantly?

There are two main advantages I'll discuss here:

1) A picture paints a thousand words

Ever hear that saying, a picture paints a thousand words? You might get simply a color when tuning into the energy of a being.

And yet, when you observe that color, you notice...

  • Is it bright?
  • Is it faded?
  • Is heavy-looking
  • Is it more like static?
  • Are there multiple shades appearing?

When viewing clairvoyantly through your third eye, one thing I remind my students of over and over again is this:

It's no accident nor is it a coincidence that what you're seeing is what you're meant to see.

So in that regard, when you do get an image, the next step is to then allow for the flow of the "thousand words" or message to come through on that vision.

I cover exactly how to do this in days 4 and 5 of my free Awaken Your Psychic Gifts in 5 Days Challenge training.

2) You can "view from afar"

What do I mean by this? In a moment, I will talk about how mediums work with energy.

However, for now, understand that when you look at energy versus channeling that energy, then you can be more of a neutral observer.

It's the difference, for example, between watching a football game from the stands versus actually playing in the field playing the game.

Clairvoyants observer energy. Mediums experience energy.

Why is this an advantage for clairvoyants?

When you're not actually in the energy, then you can be a bit more neutral to what you are observing.

This is neither good, bad, better than mediumship. However...

When starting off, many awakening psychics are first extremely overwhelmed when first tapping into their gifts.

By viewing the energy from afar first, then, then you have a better chance of not being overwhelmed or consumed by the energy you're viewing.

Now that we covered clairvoyance, let's move onto mediumship.

What is mediumship?

Unlike clairvoyant who see energy, mediums experience energy with the body.

In one classic scene in the movie Ghost, a being enters the body of the character, a medium, played by Whoopi Goldberg.

In that scene, the being, in that case a dead person, saw that there was an opening to come into Whoopi's body.

In that moment, Whoopi in a sense became that being. She was experiencing the energy of that being. She talked like that being. Her facial expressions changed. She even looked and sounded unlike herself.


To be a medium, it's not only about channeling beings. Mediums can channel all kinds of energies to be experienced.

What's the advantage of mediumship and channeling energies?

As above, I'll cover two advantages of mediumship:

1) You can become the energy or the being you are channeling

In more advanced trance mediumship programs I've been part of, we work with beings in a very specific way.

First, you create RULES with the world of spirit in order to work with you. Especially since it's YOUR body, you want to be very specific with how your body is used.

Picture your body as a million dollar violin used by the world's top violinists.

  • Would you let just anyone play this violin?
  • Wouldn't you have rules before anyone even touches this violin?
  • And wouldn't you want a level of skill before letting that violin be played?

That said, once those rules are set up, there are agreements set between you and the being you want to to channel, then you can allow the being to use your voice box, use your body, or deliver messages that way.

By that point, if you want to channel Jesus or some Archangel, then you get to experience that level of energy which is truly an amazing experience!

2) You get more direct messaging

Unlike seeing a "picture that paints a thousand words" (which is definitely not a bad thing by any stretch!!!), when you channel the message of a being, you get the exact words directly.

In my experience of channeling this way, there are words that will come out of my mouth that definitely are words I wouldn't use in everyday conversation.

Even the diction, the cadence of the sentences, or even the tone of voice can change.

So what are the disadvantages of each?

First of all, I know of many who practice BOTH clairvoyance and mediumship. The last thing I want is for this to come across as one being better than the other.

As a matter of fact, I have many mediums who come my way as students who want to better see out of their third eye clairvoyantly.

There are clairvoyants who see beings and entities all the time who want to channel messages better...

That said, here are the disadvantages of each approach:

Disadvantage of clairvoyance

As noted above, clairvoyants have the advantage of viewing from afar. In a way, what this means is you're viewing from a more neutral vantage point.

What many natural mediums will say who enter my clairvoyant training is th

Stop Overthinking Your Psychic Gifts!

Hi Joe Gacoscos here, author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic. and I help people unlock their psychic potential.

Now... There's this common belief that in order to access your psychic gifts that you have to think harder.

I see this all the time in my students and in my various Facebook groups. The problem is many are just way overthinking it! The more they try to think about it, the more they get disconnected from their psychic gifts!

I totally understand if you can relate to this...

I understand because society values being intelligent, smart, or having the prestige of a PhD.

Even me, I was once enrolled in a doctoral program. Fortunately, I decided, whoa, that's just not for me!

The thing is, we believe that you have to be smarter in order to succeed. We push ourselves to be more intelligent or get that education. But, we only to end up feeling more blocked -- especially when it comes to accessing your psychic gifts.

The fact is...

You're thinking and you're thinking all the time, right?!

And you'd be a super psychic by now, if all you had to do was think your way through it all to become more psychic or to access your psychic gifts. right?!

Even Albert Einstein, has this famous quote... He says,

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind, (the thinking mind) is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

So even Albert Einstein, basically what he's saying is that it's not about the rational mind, it's not about thinking... it's all about tapping into your intuitive mind instead!

And just to cement it even more for you...

Say someone pops into your mind out of nowhere. Then, like five minutes later you look at your phone and whoa, they texted!

The fact is in that moment when they popped into your mind you weren't thinking, right?

It just came to you!

So what if instead of thinking about it more -- thinking, thinking, thinking -- which only leads leads to you over-thinking and then feeling even more disconnected...

What if instead, you can have the tools like I teach in my psychic awakening mastery method, where you can more easily tap into your intuitive mind, just like Einstein suggests. And when you do, then imagine what's possible when you have the tools to tap into your gifts when you want...

Kind of like turning on a light switch on and off.

What would you be able to do with your gifts? Imagine you could use your gifts to help heal others... or help people with great advice... or just give them that healing

Sidenote: When people go to a psychic think about it, haha "think about it..."

...they've already tried everything else. They've likely tried their therapists, or talking with their best friends...

And so they turn to a psychic for help. Imagine if you could be that person that could help others with your intuition? How would life be for you, then?

So, at this point, all I want to ask you is  this:

Would you rather stay stuck, where you're stuck in your thinking mind, overthinking, and therefore you keep being disconnected from your gifts?

Or, would you rather learn simple tools, techniques to help you so you don't overthink...

(Which is easier said than done!)

...where, you can just then tap into your gifts with more ease instead.

Said another way...

Are you the type of person who wants to stay stuck where you're at?

Or, are you the type of person who is all about moving forward in life?

Well, if you're someone who's all about tapping into the highest potential with their gifts, even though even if you might not know what that is exactly just yet...

Or, if you just have a higher calling to help others...

Or, if you're still struggling with overthinking and you want tools you tap into your gifts, such as my Psychic Awakening Mastery Method...

Then below, I left a few links for you to get started.

This includes how to get a free copy of my book, "Journey of the Awakened Psychic, the 10-Step Guide to Unlocking your Psychic Gifts."

Or you could join my free training, the "Awaken Your Psychic Gifts 7-Day Challenge".

Or if you're further along and you've been following me for a while now, and you have a higher calling to help other people or just fulfill your highest potential when it comes to your gifts, then...

I have what's called the "Elevate your Psychic Gifts Program". I have a link to a masterclass How to Master Your Psychic Gifts with Second Guessing Your Natural Abilities.

Well, thanks for hearing me out. I hope this video has helped you start to get beyond overthinking so you can begin accessing your gifts, starting today. all right.

I'll see you in the next video.

What’s the Difference between Clairvoyance and Mediumship?

The difference between Clairvoyance and Mediumship?
Quick definitions:
Clairvoyance=seeing energy with third eye.
Mediumship=experiencing/channeling energy with the body
One not better than the other. Just different ways to work w/ Energy

Get foundational psychic tools here no matter which route you take!

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I provided information on the upcoming Elevate Your Psychic Gifts – Clairvoyant Training program.

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9:04 Energy challenges most awakening psychics face
13:47 Key #1 to opening your psychic third eye
21:10 Key #2 to awakening your psychic gifts
27:30 Key #3 to training your psychic abilities
31:14 More healing energies to help awaken your psychic abilities to help heal others
34:30 Guided meditation to ground and prepare your body for energy work
43:00 About the Elevate Your Psychic Gifts Clairvoyant Training Program and topics covered
49:48 Clairvoyant Training Program logistics
55:28 Summary

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About Joe Gacoscos

Joe Gacoscos is award winning author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic: The 10-Step Guide to Awakening your Psychic Gifts. He helps awakening psychics learn to hone their gifts so they can use their gifts to help heal others.

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Are Your Chakras Blocked? Psychic Healing Training Online to Unblock Your Chakras

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Are Your Chakras Blocked? 3 Steps to Unblock Your Chakras to Access Psychic Gifts | Training

Krystie, member of the Awaken Your Psychic Gifts in 7 Days Challenge, asked the following question:

I have a hard time with visualizing some days. Could that be due to my blocked chakras?

This is a great question about awakening your psychic gifts and is a question I get often.

Watch the video above for insights and to learn more about the 3 steps to unblocking your psychic gifts.


0:14 Question about blocked chakras and accessing psychic gifts

0:35 Joe's introduction to his psychic book and psychic teachings

0:47 The first step to unblocking and healing your chakras: Clearing your psychic windows.

1:12 The second step: How to heal your chakras.

2:37 THIS will block you from accessing your psychic gifts

2:49 Step 3: How blocked chakras prevent you from accessing your psychic abilities

3:52 All about psychic training tools to unblock your chakras

4:05 About meditation to ground your psychic gifts

4:24 How unblocking your chakras leads to higher and higher levels of psychic awareness

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About Joe Gacoscos

Joe Gacoscos is award winning author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic: The 10-Step Guide to Awakening your Psychic Gifts. He helps awakening psychics learn to hone their gifts so they can use their gifts to help heal others.

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Psychic Training Classes Online Free

psychic training classes online free chakras

Psychic Training Classes Online Free - Overcoming Roadblocks Most Awakening Psychics Face

Awakening your psychic gifts can be extremely challenging. Those who choose to go down this path are bound to hit some energy roadblocks along the way.

In this post, I'm going to share the 3 typical energy roadblocks most awakening psychics face and how to overcome them.

Psychic Roadblock #1: Psychic Channels are TOO Open

Wall ball 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download ...

When opening up your psychic gifts, you open up to a whole other world of psychic phenomena.

To help you understand what this is like, I like to use the analogy of a door to your home.

When you open the door to your home, yes, you let all the fresh air in.

However, if you were to leave that door wide open, you also let in a whole host of everything else. These include bugs, breeze, the winter chill, to name a few - or even worse, strangers and intruders!

Likewise, when opening up your third eye chakra, for example, if your third eye is wide open, you never know what energies you'll let in.

Many people who start opening up their psychic abilities are simply just too open with their psychic channels.

Psychic Roadblock #2: Fear of the Unknown

An adversary can exploit the #Fear of the unknown whether … | Flickr

Piggybacking on the analogy of the wide open door used in roadblock #1, if your psychic channels are wide open, then you never know what energies will come in.

Not all energy is bad. However, there will be some energies you will encounter that will be unfamiliar.

When anything is unfamiliar, what do we have the tendency to do?

  • When tend to shut off.
  • We shy away from anything that's not familiar.
  • We get into fear.

The issue with this is that fear is a LOW vibration.

When accessing and training your psychic abilities, it's really important to keep your vibration up. If anything, it's best you can at least be completely neutral to what you encounter.

Psychic Roadblock #3: Overthinking

Overthinking 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download ...

Consider that there are two "minds" to consider when accessing your psychic gifts.

You there's 1) your thinking mind, and 2) your psychic intuitive mind.

Here's how they work:

Recall that time when someone popped into your mind. 5 minutes later that person calls you. In that moment, were you thinking at all?

No. It was more like some kind of Divine timing to it all, right?

What happens later is we try recreating that experience by thinking about it.

Keep in mind, you weren't thinking at all when it first happened!

What do we then do when it doesn't work? We THINK about it some more!

This in essence is actually becomes a vicious cycle and is a huge roadblock most awakening psychics face!

How to Overcome the 3 Roadblocks to Your Psychic Awakening Success

HD wallpaper: four women jumping, athletics, sport, hurdles ...

Your psychic gifts can be closed from either being 1) too open, 2) too fearful, or 3) overthinking too much.

The good news is you can learn to overcome these psychic energy roadblocks with online psychic development training classes and psychic training books.

What I strongly recommend, however, is when you're at this stage, it's best to find a psychic teacher or mentor to help guide you through the next stages of your psychic development training.

If learning to hone your psychic gifts to the next level, especially if you want to use your gifts to then help heal others, then I encourage you to take action! Overcome these roadblocks.

Fortunately, there is free psychic awakening training available call the "Awaken Your Psychic Gifts in 7 Days Challenge".

In 7 short days, you learn the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to build your psychic foundation the right way.

Ready to overcome your psychic roadblocks and take on the next steps on your psychic awakening journey?

About Joe Gacoscos

Joe Gacoscos is award winning author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic: The 10-Step Guide to Awakening your Psychic Gifts. He helps awakening psychics learn to hone their gifts so they can use their gifts to help heal others.

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Psychic Development to Train Your Psychic Abilities

psychic development third eye

Searching for psychic development training online to train your psychic abilities?

third eye searching

There are many awakening psychics on the planet right now. They're like eggs with little chicks, trembling within, and waiting to hatch at any moment.

Once people do take that brave step to then develop their gifts, they tend to go down one of three paths.

Learn the critical 3 paths to psychic development most people take.

3 paths to hone and develop your psychic gifts:

As I describe each of these paths, you may identify with one or more. See which one you resonate with most.

1) Self discovery or self teaching

Path of Self Discovery File:Magical Forest.png - Wikimedia Commons

This is most common pathway to psychic gifts discovery in the beginning. At this stage you may be getting the following signs:

  • You see signs like 333, 777, 11:11
  • You think of someone and moments later they text you out of nowhere
  • You get dreams or premonitions of events coming true
  • You get messages from your spirit guides or loved ones who've already passed away

At this stage you're asking, "Is this even real?" Or, "Am I crazy?"

Those brave enough at this stage may meditate often. Or, they pay attention to the signs and are asking, "What does that sign mean?"

Going down this particular pathway of psychic awakening can only take you so far, however.

Which leads to the next pathway of psychic development.

2) Searching for psychic development training


E-Learning Training School - Free photo on Pixabay

Unlike say even 10 years ago, there's now a ton of information online.

There are guided meditations for opening your third eye on YouTube, psychic development books, and a plethora of psychic training websites now available.

Having all this availability is great! I know I had bought my own fair share of psychic training books back in the day! And this was before the internet really blew up.

From the number of views some of these youtube videos are getting, there are definitely a TON of people searching online for answers.

The issue at this stage is, however, you're wondering, "How reliable are these online psychic resources?"

Can you trust them? How do you know you have a credible psychic teacher?

Not only is credibility an issue, many at this stage need even more. They want feedback from a mentor and need VALIDATION.

This leads to the next pathway of psychic development training.

3) Honing your psychic gifts with a trusted guide and mentor

HD wallpaper: alexis karpouzos, thinking, public speaking, mentor ...

By this stage, you're searching for even more answers. You're asking even deeper questions by this stage including:

  1. Is what I'm sensing even REAL?
  2. How did I even get that message or sign in the first place?
  3. Why do I keep getting the same signs (333, 777, 12:12) over and over again?

Essentially, questions like these can't be answered by some random YouTube video.

Everyone's situations and experiences are unique. At this point, you're then searching for unique answers, right?

Having a been-there-done-that psychic teacher or mentor by your side is critical at this stage.

By the stage of the game, many have been exploring on their own. More likely than not, you've encountered some strange spirit guide, being or entity.  Or, you've encountered some weird energy that just doesn't make any sense.

At this stage you NEED answers.

It's at this stage that many do end up searching for psychic development training online.

What stage of psychic development are you at?

Fortunately, no matter what stage of psychic development you are at, there are plenty of resources available.

Recommendation #1 - Get a Free Copy of My Book:

If you are at the 1st stage of psychic self discovery or the 2nd stage of searching online for psychic training resources, then a great place to start is with my downloading a copy of psychic training book, Journey of the Awakened Psychic: The 10-Step Guide to Awakening Your Psychic Gifts.

You can also order Kindle or paperback on Amazon.

Recommendation #2 - Join My Next Free Psychic Development Training Online:

If you are at the 3rd stage of searching for a mentor or psychic teacher, then I recommend taking this free mini-training course I'm offering called, "Awaken Your Psychic Gifts in 7 Days Challenge".

It's a step-by-step, easy to follow training course that teaches you a new psychic tool each day to help you hone your psychic gifts and abilities.

About Joe Gacoscos

Joe Gacoscos is award winning author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic: The 10-Step Guide to Awakening your Psychic Gifts. He helps awakening psychics learn to hone their gifts so they can use their gifts to help heal others.

Download Your Free Copy of Journey of the Awakened Psychic Book

Guided Meditation for Opening and Awakening the Psychic Third Eye Chakra

opening the psychic third eye chakra photo

Watch this guided meditation for opening the third eye.

Be sure to find a nice quiet space where you can follow along with my voice.

When you're done, learn more about how to open your psychic third eye below.


Ready to tap into your third eye even more for greater insights?

How do I Clear My Karmic Debt? | Past Lives | Psychic Training

Sometimes you have too walk away and let Karama take over … | Flickr
The lesson of karma and clearing karmic debt

I received this great question from a member of the Awaken Your Psychic Gifts 7-Day Challenge today:

"How do I clear my karmic debt?"

Great question!

First of all, there are many ways to look at this question and different aspects to karma:

  • Ancestral karmic debt
  • Karmic debt in relationships
  • Karmic debt to parents
  • Karmic connections with pets
  • Healing karma from past lives

What does karma mean? A simple definition:

When you search for the definition or research various books on karma, there are a TON of ways to define karma.

I like to keep it super simple. An easy way to understand karma is it's a cycle.

The definition of karma
Karma as a karmic cycle

As you see in the illustration above, karma is like a cycle in that it goes in circles - again and again and again.

What's important to understand about a cycle is there is a beginning to any cycle. And there is and end.

This means you can complete karma. Make sense?

How the karmic cycle begins

Thinking about small | Thinking small! | Freddie Alequin | Flickr
Karma can begin as a single thought!

With this simple definition in mind, karma can begin at anytime. It can begin as:

  • A thought
  • Actions you've taken
  • Started a new relationship
  • Start of a new relationship
  • Joining a group
  • Starting a family

As you can see, there are many ways to start the karmic cycle... even a mere thought about something can start new karma.

Past life karma

Beyond,death,life after death,life eternal,mystical - free image ...
Past life karmic cycles

Whether you believe in past lives or not, just know that your previous incarnations definitely have a bearing in your current incarnation, i.e. your current lifetime.

As much as you could've began some karmic cycle this lifetime, you can just as easily have began something in some past life.

A teacher of mine once said we've had at least 500 past lives! So what this means is there are a multitude of ways we could have began some kind of karmic cycle.

Having past life karmic debt with others

Śramaṇa - Wikipedia
Sramana - wheel of karma

When it comes to having karma with others, we can begin a cycle with other people, pets, places, or even the planet!

Say you decide to take a class on developing your psychic abilities. You have this thought about psychic training, for example.

You then searching for online psychic training meet a psychic teacher and take his psychic classes.

In a sense you began something with that teacher - in that moment.

However, have you taken a moment to consider why you were drawn to that teacher in the first place?

What I find interesting is it's no accident who we run across or meet, right?

Funny thing is I have students ALL the time say to me..."Gosh, Joe, you look so familiar to me!

Well, maybe we had a past life together!

And maybe the reason why we were drawn together to meet again this lifetime is to complete some karmic debt with each other... i.e. complete the karmic cycle.

Who knows, right?

However it explains why we have what seems like a sudden, strong connection with other people in our lives.

Why karma keeps cycling in circles

Karma | The law of Buddha. | Shelby H. | Flickr
Karma goes in cycles until you finally learn 'the lesson'

You ever hear people say that karma is some kind of curse?

Yes, it can definitely feel like a curse. More accurately, it can feel like groundhog day because it keep happening over and over and over again.

You know this to be true because have you ever encountered the following?

  • You tend to attract the same mate all the time
  • You tend to have the same financial situations over and over again
  • You tend to make the same "bad decisions"
  • You have "bad luck" all the time
  • Or maybe you just have "good luck" all the time, too!

All told, the reason why karma keeps going in circles is because there's something yet to complete.

Either you have some lesson yet to learn.

Or, you have some message you haven't yet quite received.

Or, maybe there's some deeper spiritual learning you have yet to complete.

Ever watch the movie Groundhog Day? The main character in that movie finally gets out of his own cycle till he finally comes to a place of peace and learns his lesson.

What happens when you don't complete karma?

Buddhist Quote By Gautama | Buddhist Quote: Do not dwell in … | Flickr
Lesson with karma: Be Present

Now, keep in mind it only feels like a curse if you end up doing nothing to complete this karmic cycle.

Going back to the definition of a cycle, there's a beginning and there's and end to any cycle.

If you don't learn the lesson, then yes, the Universe just has a funny way of having you keep on repeating the same thing over and over and over again till you finally do embrace the lesson or message to be learned.

Keep in mind, this is not just some mental, thinking-about-it kind of exercise.

It definitely goes much much much deeper...

How to complete karma and karmic clearing

Good news is you can definitely complete a karmic cycle in a couple of ways.

Keep in mind, there are many psychic training books out there that will go in depth into clearing karma including in my book, Journey of the Awakened Psychic: The 10 Step Guide to Awakening Your Psychic Gifts. What I'm about to share may sound really simplistic. However, like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, I like to keep things simple...

Complete karma physically

Family Love Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures Heart to heart
Complete karma in the physical realm

You ever hear about people on their deathbeds and then makes peace with everyone in their lives before they go?

In a way, they are completing karma in the physical realm.

Good news is you don't have to wait till dying! You can have that important conversation now.

The lesson learned here about death, however, is the finality of it all.

When it's complete, it's COMPLETE.

It's the energy and intention behind it all that has karma be absolutely complete.

What this means is there's no going back. What's done is DONE.

Complete karma spiritually, energetically and psychically

Now, you might be wondering...

  • What if the person I have to complete karma with is no longer living?
  • Or, what if I have been dealing with some karmic cycle and quite seem to get out of it?
  • Or, how do I complete my karmic debt with people that live far away from me?

In these situations, it is possible to complete karma using your psychic gifts and abilities.

File:Najmi Healing Energy.01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Healing karma with energy healing

In my classes on psychic development, I teach all about how to complete karma with energy work.

While there is energy work and psychic techniques involved, just know that it is possible once you develop your psychic abilities with psychic healing tools.

Essentially, you take the energy of that karma. You then move that energy out of your body, your aura and your psychic space. Then you can do more advanced work with then filing away that energy in your akashic records.

What's really interesting about healing karma in this way is compared to literally lifetimes of karmic energy, when you heal yourself energetically, it can be done in a matter of minutes.

However, just like completing karma in the physical realm, when you heal energetically, you must have a sense of finality. Freedom. Completion.

Interested in learning psychic tools to help complete your karma?

Awakening your psychic gifts is definitely a journey of discovery.

With proper psychic tools, however, you can pretty much fast-track your psychic development training success with a step-by-step, and easy to follow way to open up your psychic gifts.

Students learn everything from grounding, to psychic protection to opening the third eye.

Eventually, once you learn all the basic tools, then reading and healing past lives and completing karma is all a natural progression as you continue to learn more about yourself and hone your psychic gifts and abilities.

Take the Awaken Your Psychic Gifts in 7 Days Challenge

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Psychic Development Book by Joe Gacoscos

Journey of the Awakened Psychic Development book
Journey of the Awakened Psychic Development book

Looking for a psychic development book on honing your psychic abilities?

There are so many gifted intuitives, psychics, mediums, Starseeds, indigos, crystal and rainbow children out there who are in the midst of their psychic awakening. Unfortunately, many of these people are stuck in a spiritual closet. They don’t dare come out for fear they’ll be thought of as crazy, weird, or not normal.

Rather than expressing their gifts, what do these gifted souls tend to do instead? They hide. They try to suppress their abilities. They grow up believing they’re not normal. Sadly, they continue to hide in the shadows.
What’s the price of staying hidden in this spiritual closet?

Many feel like they can’t be truly expressive of who they really are. Some get sick – physically, mentally or emotionally. Others continue to be haunted by their abilities—spirits, being or entities continue to haunt them. It's no wonder why many are searching for resources online or a psychic training book.

The real problem here is the world misses out on what should be a shining light from each one of these souls. Each of these souls misses out on their next steps of their spiritual growth. The opportunity to become more spiritually awake and more alive is an opportunity lost.

This is why I wrote Journey of the Awakened Psychic. In my own awakening, I see there are many who are in the shadows looking for some kind of way out. They’ll looking for anything from simple validation, to someone literally throwing them a lifeline.

Many are simply searching for online free psychic training. Many are searching for psychic books.

If you are someone searching for answers on your own psychic awakening journey, this book is especially for you. It very well may be that you. By picking up this book, I don’t take lightly that you entrust me for this part of your life’s path.

May you enjoy the awakening, insights, and inspiration gained as you journey forward, for the benefit of all.

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