Stop Overthinking Your Psychic Gifts!

Hi Joe Gacoscos here, author of Journey of the Awakened Psychic. and I help people unlock their psychic potential.

Now... There's this common belief that in order to access your psychic gifts that you have to think harder.

I see this all the time in my students and in my various Facebook groups. The problem is many are just way overthinking it! The more they try to think about it, the more they get disconnected from their psychic gifts!

I totally understand if you can relate to this...

I understand because society values being intelligent, smart, or having the prestige of a PhD.

Even me, I was once enrolled in a doctoral program. Fortunately, I decided, whoa, that's just not for me!

The thing is, we believe that you have to be smarter in order to succeed. We push ourselves to be more intelligent or get that education. But, we only to end up feeling more blocked -- especially when it comes to accessing your psychic gifts.

The fact is...

You're thinking and you're thinking all the time, right?!

And you'd be a super psychic by now, if all you had to do was think your way through it all to become more psychic or to access your psychic gifts. right?!

Even Albert Einstein, has this famous quote... He says,

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind, (the thinking mind) is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

So even Albert Einstein, basically what he's saying is that it's not about the rational mind, it's not about thinking... it's all about tapping into your intuitive mind instead!

And just to cement it even more for you...

Say someone pops into your mind out of nowhere. Then, like five minutes later you look at your phone and whoa, they texted!

The fact is in that moment when they popped into your mind you weren't thinking, right?

It just came to you!

So what if instead of thinking about it more -- thinking, thinking, thinking -- which only leads leads to you over-thinking and then feeling even more disconnected...

What if instead, you can have the tools like I teach in my psychic awakening mastery method, where you can more easily tap into your intuitive mind, just like Einstein suggests. And when you do, then imagine what's possible when you have the tools to tap into your gifts when you want...

Kind of like turning on a light switch on and off.

What would you be able to do with your gifts? Imagine you could use your gifts to help heal others... or help people with great advice... or just give them that healing

Sidenote: When people go to a psychic think about it, haha "think about it..."

...they've already tried everything else. They've likely tried their therapists, or talking with their best friends...

And so they turn to a psychic for help. Imagine if you could be that person that could help others with your intuition? How would life be for you, then?

So, at this point, all I want to ask you is  this:

Would you rather stay stuck, where you're stuck in your thinking mind, overthinking, and therefore you keep being disconnected from your gifts?

Or, would you rather learn simple tools, techniques to help you so you don't overthink...

(Which is easier said than done!)

...where, you can just then tap into your gifts with more ease instead.

Said another way...

Are you the type of person who wants to stay stuck where you're at?

Or, are you the type of person who is all about moving forward in life?

Well, if you're someone who's all about tapping into the highest potential with their gifts, even though even if you might not know what that is exactly just yet...

Or, if you just have a higher calling to help others...

Or, if you're still struggling with overthinking and you want tools you tap into your gifts, such as my Psychic Awakening Mastery Method...

Then below, I left a few links for you to get started.

This includes how to get a free copy of my book, "Journey of the Awakened Psychic, the 10-Step Guide to Unlocking your Psychic Gifts."

Or you could join my free training, the "Awaken Your Psychic Gifts 7-Day Challenge".

Or if you're further along and you've been following me for a while now, and you have a higher calling to help other people or just fulfill your highest potential when it comes to your gifts, then...

I have what's called the "Elevate your Psychic Gifts Program". I have a link to a masterclass How to Master Your Psychic Gifts with Second Guessing Your Natural Abilities.

Well, thanks for hearing me out. I hope this video has helped you start to get beyond overthinking so you can begin accessing your gifts, starting today. all right.

I'll see you in the next video.